Fall Sports Senior Nights
Posted on 10/19/2023
Fall Sport Senior Night

By Zoey Jenkins

With most of the fall sports wrapping up their season, our UHS seniors have been recognized and celebrated at their senior nights. On Friday the 6th at the football game the football players, the cheerleaders, the golf team, and the cross country team. The football seniors that were recognized were K’Adrian McLee, Kyle Ray, Nicholas Torbich, Nijaah Hagens, Cameron Jackson, Malachi Mitchell, William Nedly, Mason Kuhn, Eddie Clouser, Hunter Sabutula, Noah Manteau, Marcus Hice, and Sam Fitzpatrick. The senior cheerleaders that were recognized were Grace Busby, Raynie Pilisko, A’kira Dade, Casey Fijlakovic, Jayla Winfrey, Zoey Jenkins, Kaylee Mutnansky, and Bella Dolfi. The golf team seniors were Logan Voytish, Levi Gilleland, Tate Musko, Wade Brugger, and Greg Fox. And finally the cross country seniors were Dominic Scott, Emily Angelo, Victoria Maher, Parker King, and Porter Mehalek. 

On Tuesday the 10th the senior soccer boys were recognized. The seniors that were recognized were Sam Fitzpatrick, Parker King, Levi Gilleland, Porter Mehalek, and our senior athlete from Fraizer, Ram Ten. The senior girl soccer players were recognized Wednesday the 11th. The senior girls that were recognized was Reese Hagerty, Jacquelyn Jefferies, and Casey Fijlakovic. On the following day Thursday the 12th the volleyball seniors were recognized. The girls that were recognized were Kamiya Rose, Amiah DeShields, Aida Evans, Marica Toasi, Brittney Lloyd, and Taleah Fitzgerald. The final senior night for the 2023 fall sports will be on Friday the 27th, to celebrate the band seniors. The band members that will be recognized are Christian DeVincent, Audrey VanNosdell, Lila Braun, Kitana Critchfield, Jaedyn Kohlmeyer, Nellie Budinsky, Claudia Machesky, Haley Abbott, Bella Palm, Jacob Schibaeur, Richard Williams, Emily Angelo, Dominic Scott, Kyle Ray, and Victoria Maher. 

These senior nights allow each and every senior to be honored and celebrated. As the senior walks down the field with their family they get to think about all that they have accomplished so far, and how there are so many amazing possibilities for the future. Senior night is a special and emotional moment for these athletes. Congratulations to all of the 2023 – 2024 seniors, and good luck on wherever the next path will take you.