Cross Country

Uniontown Cross Country
Posted on 10/19/2023

By Jacob Shaffer

 The 2023 UCC team has made monumental strides this year. Every workout has been planned into accordance with the meets and race days. This is not to say the season has been without difficulty though. But the struggles and learning has brought the team together.

The team heavily utilized distance runs this season. These runners extended to the Ohiopyle area as well as the Sheepskin trail. Of course, runs in town were most common. Another aspect heavily utilized was hill workouts at Penn State, Berkley Street hill, the Hopwood hills and others. These workouts have gotten the team used to bigger obstacles in order to tackle the 5k meets.

From what the team has seen, they have had formidable competition this year. Teams like Morgantown Highschool and McKeesport scored the best at the Everhartt Invitational on September the 23rd  for example. But it wasn’t all gloom and doom as Uniontown’s varsity boys won in the top place for best AA scoring team at the invitational. Runners Grace Trimmer and Emily Angelo both won within the top 20 overall for varsity girls. Uniontown has remained as a formidable opponent as old as time and it has shown through their continuous efforts and the efforts of our coaching staff headed by Mr. Everhartt and Mr. Joe Foster.

As the season nears to a close its important for these runners and everyone to remember the values of team work and friendship shown by the  Uniontown Cross Country team and what it means to truly be apart of a team.